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Charlie Chaplin Book Covers

My maternal grandfather introduced me to "Chaplinitis" when I was doorknob high. This portal to film study soon became my talisman, too. For example, a BSU Chaplin monograph led to my first biography, which was naturally on "Charlot" ( Greenwood Press, 1983 ). This resulted in a request to speak at the Paris-Sorbonne University ( 1989 ), and meet his actress daughter Geraldine Chaplin. My speech/essay would be my first anthologized work in an international publication ( from Berlin's Mouton de Gruyter Press, 1992 ). My first novel was on Chaplin ( Ramble House, 2006 ), with much honored British-American critic Anthony Slide observing, " It is almost as if he [ Gehring ] is able to read Chaplin's mind and comprehend his artistic temperament." My CHAPLIN WAR TRILOGY ( McFarland, 2014 ) brought an invitation to speak at the Museum of Modern Art. Research on that text also uncovered forgotten and misunderstood facts on Chaplin's A WOMAN OF PARIS, enabling me to write a text on the true genesis of that film ( McFarland, 2021 ). Anthony Slide's Foreword notes, in part, "Wes Gehring is an accomplished writer...[ and this ] is a much-needed addition to the Chaplin library."